• The initial certification as a Certified Controls Engineer (CCE), Certified in Engineering Graphics (CEG), Certified Manufacturing Specialist (CMS), Certified Technology Manager (CTM), Certified Technical Professional (CTP), and Microelectro Mechanical Systems Foundation Certification (MFC) is effective as long as the member pays their annual certification renewal fees.
  • Senior-level certificate holders (CSCE, CSEG, CSMS, CSTM, CSTP) must pay their annual certification renewal fees and are senior certified for a three-year cycle, in which they must report at least 30 PDUs of continuing education activity to be eligible to recertify as a CSCE, CSEG, CSMS, CSTM, CSTP for another three-year period.


All renewal fees must be paid to maintain a valid ATMAE Certification. Certified individuals will receive reminder notices via email for each year's pending ATMAE Certification expiration. ATMAE does not keep payment information on record so individuals are required to process renewal dues every year via the members' online renewal system.

Renewal Fees:

  • Students: $25 plus $25 per certification.
  • Professionals: $100 plus $35 per certification.
  • Retired Professionals: $25 annually

Revocation of Certification for Non-Payment: Non-payment of fees will result in revocation of certification. Certification status must be continuous throughout the certification period. Certification is revoked if fees are not paid within 60 days of the annual renewal expiration date.

Reinstatement of Certification: Upon payment of all renewal fees that are due (this includes lapsed years for certification), the certification will be reinstated if the certified member is also in compliance with all other relevant policies, including continuing education policies.

ATMAE reserves the right to treat a request for reinstatement of a lapsed certification as a new application. This is most common when a certification has been lapsed for three years or more and records of the certification are no longer available; in such cases, ATMAE requires the holder of the lapsed certificate to provide documentary evidence of their prior ATMAE Certification, to pay all past due fees, and to comply with continuing education requirements. On an individual basis, the Certification Officer may waive specific policies for good cause.


You do not need to report continuing education activity for your certification. 

You may wish to do so, if you’d like to upgrade to the senior level of the certification program, which requires you to document and submit 30 Professional Development Units (PDUs) at the time you apply. 

  • Individuals meeting the following criteria are eligible to be certified by ATMAE for the "senior" certification:
  • The applicant must be currently certified in the CCE, CEG, CMS, CTM, or CTP programs.
  • The applicant must report thirty (30) professional development units (PDU) of continuing education activity that were completed within 3 years prior to the application. (Please note that coursework completed in pursuit of the academic degree used as the qualifying degree for CCE, CEG, CMS, CTM, or CTP certification cannot be used to fulfill this requirement.)

See suggested PDU activities and values, and review required documents for senior certification with instructions for how to upload them to your member profile.

4. How can I obtain a copy of my new ATMAE certificate after renewal?

Your certificate is available for download in your member profile.

You may view or print a copy of your certification by following the instructions below:

Login to your ATMAE member profile using the credentials you used to sign up for the exam.
• Click on My Profile on the top main menu.
• Click on Professional Development on the Left Rail Menu
• Click on Certification/Programs on the sub menu
• Click on the icon by your certification to view or print your certificate.