Certified Controls Engineer (CCE)


The Certified Controls Engineer (CCE) is a multi-subject exam emphasizing automation and control systems applicable to a broad swath of industrial applications. The exam can be used for individual certification and for program assessment. The CCE is designed for professionals with a 4-year degree in applied engineering or engineering technology with a concentration in industrial controls, automation, instrumentation, robotics or related fields. The exam expects a balanced understanding of application and theory, drawing equally from technician and design engineering competencies. 

Specifically, the CCE Exam includes questions from the following content areas:

Automated SystemsFinancial JustificationElectrical Safety Systems
Energy Management/Alternative EnergyNetworking FundamentalsIndustrial Maintenance
Mechnical AdvantageElectrical Power SystemsRobotics Systems
Controls (Open Loop/Closed Loop Systems)      Fluidics/Fluid PowerElectronics Fundamentals
Electronics FundamentalProgramming Fundamentals      Instrumentation

The CCE Exam can be used for individual certification and for program assessment. The exam is an open-book*, 120-question, multiple choice examination with questions on the content areas above. Passage of the exam is determined by a cumulative score of 72 points or higher.

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