Microelectro Mechanical Systems Foundation (MFC)


The MEMS Foundation Certification (MFC) program is designed to serve students from 2-Year, 4-Year, and advanced secondary programs. The exam is broad-based, and covers foundational topics related to the background, theory, and skills involved in microsystems fabrication. The exam is geared to individuals who have completed the nine MEMS Foundations online short courses offered free by the Support Center for Microsystems Education (SCME). These courses include:

1.     Introduction to Sensors

2.     Introduction to Transducers

3.     Introduction to Actuators

4.     Career Pathways for Microtechnology

5.     Units of Weights and Measures

6.     A Comparison of Scale

7.     Introduction to Statistical Process Control for Microtechnology

8.     Problem Solving for Microtechnology

9.     History of MEMS

The MFC Exam can be used for individual certification and for program assessment. The exam is an *open-book, 90-question, multiple choice examination. The questions fall into 9 main content areas, as covered in the SCME MEMS foundation online courses. Passage of the exam is determined by a cumulative score of 68 points or higher.

Access the Support Center for Microsystems Education (SCME) MEMS Foundations online courses. There are no charges for the online courses.

All ATMAE exams require a physical or online/virtual proctor. See the Frequently Asked Questions Menu for Exam Proctoring instructions before registering for your exam.

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